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What is what?

What is ... ?

To weave strands of hair together. On the scalp braiding is used to form a base or track to sew on a commercial weft. This is the cornrow technique. Off the scalp braiding is used for traditional braiding styles and various methods adding extensions such as Warlocks.

Term for loose commercial hair. This hair is used for creating wefts or for services like fusion.

A method used to disguise (not remove) hair by lightening its colour

Hair extensions are pieces of real or synthetic weaved close to the scalp in order to achieve greater length and/or fullness.

The process of attaching small pieces of human hair with a special adhesive and a thermal gun. This is a hair to hair process, no tracks are required. This method allows for free movement of hair extensions.

Hair that has lost its pigment.

Hair Extensions are used to add volume or length to your hair by bonding synthetic or real hair at your roots.

A modern term used to describe hair weaving.

A process by which a hair piece is attached to existing hair on the head through braiding or a weaving process.

To attach hair wefts by clips. Clips are placed in the hair and snapped close. Wefts are held securely in place.

The subtle lifting of color in specific sections of hair.

A fibrous protein found in hair, nails, and skin.

The process of attaching hair wefts without braids. The links are sewn on to the wefted hair. The user’s natural hair is pulled through and locked secure. This system is highly recommended for natural hair that is too fine or soft to hold other weave techniques.

I know what you are thinking arrgh the 80’s disaster cut. The Perm creates curls by restructuring your hair molecules with a chemical, or heat treatment and is generally a long-lasting or permanent change to your hair. But Perm’s really don’t have to be like they used to and they give you great choice. It can be cool to have a perm so let’s go curl their world.


A treatment is used in between Shampoo and Conditioner to put protein back into the hair. You should leave the treatment in your hair for approximately 5 minutes before using your conditioner. You’ll be able to find a treatment designed for your hair type.

This term refers to human hair which is still in its original state as harvested from the grower, and which has not been permed, colored, or chemically processed in any way. It is carefully cut from the grower with the cuticle going in the same direction and preserved to maximize its special quality. Harvesting the hair in this manner takes more time, which contributes to the premium price of this hair. Virgin hair can be of any ethnic origin. This is the most expensive hair of all because it is not as plentiful as lesser quality hair. In spite of the high cost, top-quality Virgin hair wigs are in high demand by those who wish to wear only the finest.

A hair weave is usually a hairpiece with layered gaps made into it. This is then placed on a person’s head and his/her own real hair is weaved into the hairpiece.

An amount of hair which is doubled over and MACHINE-SEWN along the top to create a long strand of hair. This is also the type of hair strand used for hair extensions and weaving.

The term used to describe any hairpiece with a full cap which covers the hair on the head, or the entire area where hair normally grows, as a substitute for hair. The purpose of a wig is to create your ideal look.

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